Thursday, November 06, 2008

Vote Black?

The 2008 Hip Hop Awards came on the other day and it proved one thing to me. Some black folks will be dumb until Jesus comes back! How can anyone look at pimps, thugs, and gangsters as a good thing that needs to be celebrated? How did Hip Hop become the voice of our youth to the point that the black church is bending over backwards for it's acceptance? This is a shame. But one thing that they did on this show that really got me going was the push for a "black" vote in the election. Not knowing the issues at hand, but yet and still, they constantly pushed the young folks and HIp Hop fans to "vote black" this election.

How embarrassing! These folks undid everything that Dr. Martin Luther King dreamed of in one dumb hour! They took apart his dream and the civil rights movement by pointing to the black candidate as the mandatory vote of black people. This is sad. Martin Luther King said that he dreamed of the day when people would not be judged by the color of their skin, but the content of their character! How can you say, "vote black" and not go against that dream? Just because an african man mixed with white is running does not mean he is the right choice or the only choice for black people. We are moving to the back of the bus again and we don't even see it. As far as straight politics goes, Blacks are the only race of people that are not bipartisan. We have been conditioned to be on one side and never split our vote. Other races and ethnic groups including, hispanics, catholics, and jews put people on both sides of the ticket for leverage and a voice no matter how the pendulum swings. But blacks stay at the back of the bus and don't spread out so when we lose, we lose our voice and power. That's slave mentality.

Our freedom to vote is our right to vote that was fought for by many civil rights leaders in the past. This is the right to vote either way, republican or democrat, and most importantly, it is our right to NOT vote at all if we don't feel that either candidate deserves our support. We have corrupted the freedom of voting so much these days that people don't even know the issues at hand and they are just voting the color of their skin or what pop culture is dictating to them. I'm sorry folks, but we can't stay on this road. This is the road that leads to the accepting of the mark of the beast. This is the road that hides the truth and promotes the lie. This road will get you voting for economics rather than morality. And that's the road that will lead to the antichrist! The bible said that in the end, you will not be able to buy or sell unless you pledge your allegiance to the beast! Buy or sell? That's economics. Thats money! And if you are voting for economic reasons and not considering morality or your own convictions, then you are essentially doing exactly what the bible predicts will happen in the end. People will begin to vote in the man that will lead us to the antichrist and the end. They will vote this man in based on economic issues and popularity. He will be voted in because of the financial crisis of the government and people will not even consider his true moral ethics. Black Christian leaders have totally abandoned the bible in this election. They have chosen culture over Christ and have accepted the 3 things that the antichrist will implement in his rule. Abortion, Homosexuality, and the silencing of the truth! These things are on the table and being ignored because of the color of a man's skin?

Muhammad Ali faced the challenge of not fighting in an American war because it went against his religious convictions. He became an African American hero because of it. With that said, if you do not feel that either candidate in this race fits your conviction, then you are obligated to NOT vote at all. I know black people go crazy when you talk like this and they bring up all the slaves that died and the folks that fought for your right to vote. Yet in that same breath, they don't think of the millions that have died of AIDS through homosexual activity, the millions of lives that are not here because of abortion, nor do they consider the millions that are deceived because the church is silent on moral issues!

Sure many fought and died for the right to vote. But that fight was not just for a right to vote, but a right to chose to vote. After all, if we are forced to vote, we didn't have a right to not vote and thus we are still bound and not free. And if you don't have a choice that is comfortable or in line with your convictions, then what do you do? Pick the lesser of 2 evils? Or pick the black man because you are black? God forbid! I will not be guilty of ushering in the antichrists policies because a man is of color! I am not practicing to receive the mark of the beast. And if you are voting against your own beliefs and bible for the sake of money, color, or party biases, then you have just passed the mark of the beast test. You have just proven that socialistic reasons supersede your spiritual convictions! And this is exactly what the antichrist will do. He will exalt himself above God and make his immoral beliefs acceptable by all. And without question we see that Barack Obama has caused preachers and pastors, great and small, to follow him in spite of his antichrist morals. Abortion, homosexuality, and the silencing of the church are on his ticket and yet black church folks don't care. The very things that are killing us as a people are the very things that we are in favor of. The scariest part is that this is just rehearsal for the coming rule of the antichrist and the black church has lined up on the wrong side! I'm not saying that McCain is the answer, but I'm saying that if you are voting, your convictions as a believer in the bible should out weigh every thing else.

How did we get here? Why are we ignoring the obvious here? The money problems America is having is just a prelude to the coming of the one world government and the rule of the antichrist. That's why his policies are being tested here in America. I'm not calling Obama the antichrist, but I'm saying his policy is in line with the morality of the King of the East that will rise up and rule. Barack Obama plans to go into churches and demand that they accept the homosexual agenda. Michelle Obama even bragged at the gay and lesbian counsel of the Democratic National Convention about going into a black church and telling them to stop being homophobic and accept the gay agenda. You can hear it for yourself below.

Yet, the black church is so full of homosexual activity, it was a plan all along by the enemy to get these homosexual leaders of the black churches in power so that when this agenda comes through the White House, they would lead their flocks directly into it. God showed me 15 years ago that every major black pentecostal denomination would be lead by a homosexual before Jesus returns. And now, they are all in place and leading this nations black churches into the arms of the antichrist by pushing an agenda that is not of God. Barack even hired a gay pastor to travel with him and Donnie McClurkin to black churches and was welcomed with open arms. What is this? Isn't AIDS the number 1 killer of black people? Isn't abortion black genecide with 1400 performed every day in the black community? Wasn't the black church once the pillar of our community and the moral guide for our youth? Now, all of these things are being undone and reversed because of the antichrist agenda that is working behind the scenes. What a perfect setup!

Don't get me wrong. White people are as much to blame for the "vote black" mindset as blacks are. You see, if the white leaders of this nation had stood up for blacks in America and confessed their wrong treatment of us and repented openly about it, then healing could have taken place. They should have put our history in the white history books and they should have repented openly and made real atonement for the unjust treatment of our people a long time ago. You can't sweep 400 years of oppression under a rug and expect it to vanish. It's still there and it requires effort to correct more than just 1 month of the year. You see, racism is at the forefront of American politics now because it's been ignored and hidden for so many years. Don't get me wrong, I do feel that we have progressed some as a people, yet we have so many issues because we have not had proper healing from what happened to us. With that said, when the black man that was pushed to the back of the bus sees Obama, he sees justice. When the black woman that was called Nigger all her young life sees Obama, she sees justice. When the preachers that saw the White churches prosper and the black churches shunned see Obama, they see justice. White people that are reading this will never understand what it feels like to be discriminated against because of color. They don't know what it feels like to be called an animal or less than human and treated like a reject! But blacks have experienced that and it's caused us to want justice on a grand scale. And to many, Barack Obama represents progress, justice, and atonement for our people.

But, if his policy and his morality does not line up with the God we serve as true believers, then is it justice or is it a setup? Those of us that have been discriminated against and treated unfairly by whites because of our race need healing. And because this nation has not offered us a just version of healing or payed us just due, we are still hurting as a race of people. But isn't that what Jesus is all about? Wasn't he the savior of Israel when they were in bondage? Didn't he show himself mighty in their time of turmoil and unjust treatment? Isn't that when the power of God comes into play? Don't miss it people of God. Jesus, not Obama, is the real answer here and we must push him instead of a political system! We must stand on the word of God and not waver in this coming election. If you cast your vote for a man that is for the agenda of the antichrist, you have just passed the mark of the beast test and proven that you will accept the mark, even if it goes against your convictions as a believer and your bible that you read. Come on saints of God, stand up. Don't let anyone sway you here. It's late in the hour and Jesus is taking notes on where you stand. Your vote is your stand. And it would be better to not vote at all than to cast a vote for the very agenda that the antichrist will promote.

Rev. 2:29 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.
Rev. 3:6 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.
Rev. 3:13 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.
Rev. 3:22 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

Looking for the rapture,
G. Craige Lewis

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