Monday, June 18, 2007

EX Ministries - The Message is spreading

The Truth Behind Hip Hop has spread to places that I would never had imagined. In the vision God showed me years ago, this message was all over the world, but I believed then that it would take clever marketing and promotional strategies to do it. No one could have convinced me that God could create a demand for this kind of information and literally spread it across the globe with no marketing, no promotions, no tv or radio, and most importantly, no big name endorsements. It is crazy! But to God be the glory. Sure, folks are mad and many big names are upset. They try to poke holes in our research, label us pentecostal legalists or fanatics but the fact still remains; if you research, you find EVERYTHING that we state in our videos to be true. The problem is that almost everyone that despises or detest our message or method of preaching the message have never seen one of our videos all the way through. They see parts or hear rumors but really never digest the whole thing. For example:

Fred Price Jr, who I have spoken to personally on several occasions told me that he watched a small portion of one of my videos and immediately began preaching against it. He even asked me to forgive him and began encouraging me to continue preaching the Truth Behind Hip Hop after he watched the DVDs all the way through.

Then there are the fundamentalists watchdogs and Holy Hip Hoppers that believe we are wrong for:

1. Preaching a one sided message and not offering those that oppose our message to have a voice or opportunity to rebut.
(The platform God has blessed us with was given to speak the truth, not to host the opposing views of others. Why would we use the influence God has given us to promote the voice of opposition? Jesus never did this and the disciples never did it. Sure the Word tells us they debated those that opposed them, but they never went looking for the debate or never staged a debate. They only debated as they were questioned. We believe this to be the correct method and we also have debated many that oppose us, but only behind closed doors. We are not looking to make a name for ourselves or strengthen our argument by showing people how smart we are or how well we can tear down those that oppose us. This is not about who is the smartest or has the most facts, but this about the souls of those that are lost. Therefore, we chose to have our facts and views on our platform and allow others to use their own platforms to disagree.)
2. Using God's divine revelation to reveal things that are not clear or presented falsely by the media and those that are promoters of the devil's true agenda.
(Hip Hop is one of those things that is constantly changing. People are making decisions for Hip Hop and the founders of it are constantly adding to it to make it a cultural phenomenon. Therefore, a lot of the information in Hip Hop is vague and ever evolving. This is where the divine revelation of God must come into play. We deal with what is being done by Hip Hop to the youth and we examine the statements, writings, and words of those that lead the Hip Hop movement. And yes, there are times when God speaks to us and reveals things that may not be visible at the time, but will later be revealed in the actions or statements of those that lead the Hip Hop movement. But the bottom line is, if you do your research, you will find what we found. And if you can't find it, pray and ask God to reveal it to you. There is no way to fight against a demonic, spiritual movement without using the Spirit of God! Hip Hop is a promoter of the spirit of darkness and must be challenged by the Spirit of God!)
3. Casting out demons, healing the sick, speaking in tongues, prophesying and basically, using the gifts of God's as a modern day prophet or apostle to deliver a generation of people that are bound by demonic forces.
(I have seen too much and experienced the power of God too many times to deny the gifts of God. I have no other explanation other than what I have experienced first hand. When you stare a 14 year old girl in the face and a demon begins to speak through her and contort her body to take on the form of a snake, what do you do? When you confront a demon in a 13 year old boy that got in there because he was raped by his own step father and this boy begins to violently hurt himself, what do you do? What about a child that suffers from asthma so bad that they can't even play with other children? Do you walk away and just believe in the medicine that will relieve it, or do you believe in the power of God that can heal them? I don't apologize for what I have seen the power of God do and I will continue to expect the supernatural presence of God to show up each time I am called upon to speak.)

All this controversy over a message that God has used to deliver millions of youth and bring thousands of families together! What's so weird about it all is that EX Ministries doesn't have television time, radio time, magazine endorsements, or a major voice in all this, yet we are targeted, rebuked, and denounced by big named evangelists, recording artists, and Bishops that have television time and major platforms. Our platform is just truth. We tell it, no matter what it costs. We operate in the gifts of the Spirit of God and fight the devil with the power of God. That's it.

If people would only look at the condition of this generation of youth and really see how bad things are, they would see the reason we do what we do. We are extremists when it comes to the Word of God and the truth being spread. But we only use the methods that God gave the apostles and disciples to use. Sure we are pentecostal but we are sound. And we will continue to spread the truth of God and exercise the power of God to turn the hearts of this generation's youth back to God and save them from a burning hell.

In Jesus Name,

G. Craige Lewis